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we were unsure of what to try next

Interviewer – So how did you discover this hobby?
Sandy ?Well I have always been very sexually aware and I do like to explore my sexuality with my partner and to experience new sexual horizons. This was really an extension of that. We had bought a few sex toys in the past, you know the rampant rabbit, a double ended dildo, some hand cuffs and a riding crop, we knew we enjoyed playing with [url=http://web.archive.org/web/20130326044022/http://www.oksexytoys.com:80/]Cheap Sex Toys[/url]. However, there are so many sex toys on the market, how do you know which to choose next? We usually buy our sexy supplies online which means we never really get to pick them up and have a good luck at them. Of course online they have descriptions telling you what to expect, but of course, they all claim to give amazing orgasms, but obviously if every toy could give amazing orgasms there wouldn be any need to design more.
Anyway, we were unsure of what to try next,[url=http://https://sexdollhoney.com/custom-dolls/]customize sex doll[/url], but my friend told me about Sex Toy Testers,[url=http://https://sexdollhoney.com/custom-dolls/]custom sex doll[/url], a website dedicated to testing and reviewing not just sex toys but other adult products too. Every month or so we are sent a toy or something to test. Of course the testing and reviewing is just one side of it, but for me the thrill is getting a new naughty something to play with, with my partner Steve.
Interviewer ?What happens when you receive a product for testing?
Well, the postman usually arrives just before I have to leave for work, he thinks I an avid Ebayer and the packages are my winning items. I suppose that because I look so happy to receive a parcel.
I always have a quick look before I go off to work, so I know what I have got to come home too. On occasions I have taken a photo with my mobile phone so that I could text it to Steve. Knowing we have a new toy in the house to play with makes our text conversations for the day very rude. I love saucy text it really gets me in the mood for a night of passion. I suppose that is the 24 hours foreplay thing that women need to get ready for a night of sex.
I get home a little before Steve, so I often able to have a go with a new sex toy before he gets home. This is also great if I have been sent an item of underwear, because I can greet him at the door wearing it and really shock him. It really does give our sex life a boost.
What is surprising is that some items we receive are things that we wouldn have dreamed of buying ourselves, either because they didn look great, or that they were a bit wacky or out of our price range. These products are usually a complete flop or they really change your thinking.
Interviewer ?What happens to the review of the sex toy that you have tested?
I submit my review either online via the website or via email. The review then appears on the website for all to read. There are hundreds of sex toy reviews listed written by ordinary people just like me. It great if you want to research a toy that you would like to buy because you can read about what other people thought of it first. The reviews will say if there is a fault with the item, and sometimes how it compares to other products. The reviews even suggest tips of how to get the best from the item some tips can be very outrageous.
Interviewer ?How would you sum up your hobby of Sex Toy Testing?
Testing Sex Toys defiantly spices up our sex life, we get to try out new products, which can sometimes lead to us pushing our sexual boundaries and rediscovering each other, and ourselves. The main thing is that you have to remember not to take sex to seriously, after all its supposed to be fun.

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